Houston weather: Couple performs dramatic rescue saving man inside rapidly flooding truck

A severe weather system plowed through the Houston area on Tuesday, leaving a trail of flooded roads, fallen trees, and motorists stranded amid rising waters.

The storm impacted the surrounding areas in Houston. A couple performed a dramatic rescue, pulling a man from a rapidly flooding truck in Conroe.

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At an underpass nearby, footage showed the severity of the flooding, leaving three vehicles trapped.

FOX 26 crews caught on camera the moment the sky rapidly changed, and heavy rains lashed downtown Houston. Driving conditions deteriorated quickly with the onslaught of the storm, which also brought frequent lightning, not only in Houston, but in surrounding areas like Conroe.

"It was so bad. Everybody on the road was slowing down and being cautious, you couldn’t see maybe 200 feet in front of you," Robert Chance said.

It was in Conroe that the daring rescue occurred. A man, together with his girlfriend, managed to extract another man from a drainage ditch after his pickup truck got stuck in the rising waters.

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Witness Ashley Young described the frantic moment, "You could see the guy hitting the windshield, and the water was so high. It had to have been chest deep. He was a big guy, too. The panic was visible; he was just waving frantically."

Good Samaritan Chance recounted the harrowing rescue: "The truck was starting to lift, because the water was rushing into the bed of the truck. I approached from the front since the back was filling up rapidly, making the front the driest part at the time."

The rescued man, although shaken, was not injured. His immediate concern after the incident was getting home where a tree had fallen on his daughter's car.