Serial killer wills his body and property to known peddler of murderabilia

“Even after death Anthony Shore still craves and wants the limelight the attention,” said crime victims' advocate Andy Kahan.

Last month the 55-year-old confessed killer and serial rapist became the first person to be executed in Texas as well as the nation this year.

In an unprecedented move, FOX 26 has learned Shore made arrangements before his execution transferring all his property as well as his body to one of the biggest murderabilia peddlers in the country.

Ken Karnig operates the website It’s full of items that belonged to or were made by infamous killers.

In 2003, our sister station in Tampa caught up with Karnig who's known for shying away from cameras.

Thanks to Kahan's efforts Texas is one of eight states that has a notoriety for profit law.

“Which makes it illegal for convicted felons to profit from selling personalized items though third party dealers,” said Kahan.

But prison officials tell us Shore giving his property and his body to Karnig is perfectly legal.

“I can tell you the victims' families they were mortified and stunned,” Kahan said.

All this comes on the heels of a bizarre legal battle in Los Angeles where four men are trying to claim the body and property of cult leader Charles Manson.

Like Manson, property Anthony Shore left behind can now fetch a hefty price.

“Wherever he is right now, he’s still having the last laugh going 'people will never forget me,'” Kahan said.

So what does the murderabilia peddler plan to do with Shore’s body? We asked Ken Karnig that. In an email he states,” Mr. Shore designated his remains be privately scattered in nature. Those were his last wishes.”