Security guard shot 8 times gives back to community

A security guard shot 8 times is giving back to the community he helped keep safe for years.

"I just want to be a blessing to the kids and families," William Hudson said.

William Hudson was shot in September 2016. Doctors didn't believe he would make it.

"I was fighting for my life," Hudson said. "I had 18 surgeries, lungs collapsed, kidneys failed, everything that could go wrong did."

Hudon defeated all odds and today is able to walk on his own.

"They told me I would never walk again," Hudson.

But last Christmas, Hudson said he got the idea to help others in need.

"We had a knock at my door on Christmas morning," Hudson said. "My family and I went outside and there was a trailer full of gifts for us."

A year later, Hudson wants to donate presents to the family's living at the Norcross Extended Stay, the same place he was shot.

"While I was there for six years, I saw the conditions these families were in," Hudson said.

In recent weeks, Hudson has raised money and bought presents for the kids and adults.

"I still want to get more gifts for them," Hudson said. "Giving is what we're supposed to do. God kept me here for a reason, so I need to make the most of it."

If you're interested in helping Hudson with his Christmas Giving cause visit