Security guard goes viral at Houston's Toyota Center after getting emotional during Kendrick Lamar concert

An event staff member at the Houston Toyota Center has gone viral after a video surfaced showing Devyn Sanford getting very emotional over the weekend at a Kendrick Lamar concert.

Devyn, who works for a private staffing company, says he considered taking the day off since Kendrick Lamar is one of his all-time favorite artists. Instead, he decided to still go into work.


Sanford says he tried to control his emotions throughout the concert but started reminiscing when Kendrick Lamar "Love" song came on, reminding him of trouble times he had endured in 2017 when the song was released. He could be seen wiping away the tears as he tried to keep his composure.  

It wasn’t until after the concert when he realized someone had recorded it and asked permission to post it, he said yes. By morning, the video had gone viral.


He’s getting attention from Kendrick Lamar fans from all around the world, even getting a call from Kendrick’s team advising him of free merch he would be receiving and even possibly a chance to talk to Kendrick.

Needless to say, Devyn says he loves his job and was thankful for the opportunity to share in that moment.