School's account of knife-wielding 7th grade robber differs from victim

"He pulled out a pocket knife and flipped the blade open," says Forest Brook Middle School 7th grader Jiryn Simon.

It would be hard to forget where you were when someone puts a knife in your belly and demands money.

It happened in a classroom after 3rd period says Simon.

"And he walked up to me in the classroom and he's like give me your money and I said I don't have any," Simon said.

"I just couldn't believe it took place I was actually surprised," says Jiryn's mother Jamazcia Simon.

When school officials contacted Simon's mother, which was 10:30 Wednesday morning as a school administrator notes on Simon's written statement, she says her son was commended for bringing the knife-wielding 7th grader's crime spree to an end.

"The first one was a little girl that was at the bus stop which was off campus," Simon's mother said. "He put the knife to her throat to my understanding and when they got to school he did it to another student in the restroom."

Simon's mother went public so other parents would know about the incident.

But now she wonders if other parents are only getting half the truth from the state's largest school district.

The principal at Forest Brook Elementary sent this recorded message to all parents about the knife carrying 7th grader.

"A student threatened fellow students off campus before school started," the principal can be heard saying on the recording.

H.I.S.D. tells us the same thing, the robberies and attempted robberies all occurred off campus.

Not so says this young victim and his mother.

"You're sending your children to school to learn then you have to worry about are they going to make it home," Simon said.