Safety Shot: New drink that lowers blood alcohol levels set to release in December

Safety Shot Inc. is introducing a groundbreaking beverage to swiftly squash a buzz. The "Safety Shot" is crafted to accelerate alcohol detox and promptly plummet blood alcohol content (BAC) in record time.

The company says the beverage, created by industry experts and patented, is slated for a direct-to-consumer launch in December 2023.

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According to Safety Shot Inc., the beverage is a nutraceutical that leverages scientifically proven ingredients to enhance metabolic pathways responsible for breaking down blood alcohol levels. The drink is purported to form a protective layer around the stomach, preventing residual alcohol absorption into the body. The formulation includes a tailored selection of all-natural vitamins, minerals, and nootropics, promoting faster alcohol breakdown and aiding in recovery and rehydration.

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Safety Shot Inc., founded in 2018, asserts that its product requires no FDA approval as it falls under the category of nutraceuticals. The beverage is expected to be available for retail purchase through and Additionally, the company plans to introduce business-to-business sales to distributors, retailers, restaurants, and bars in 2024.

A growing $1.56 billion hangover remedies market, the Safety Shot will create its own product category, rapid alcohol detoxification. (Courtesy of Safety Shot Inc.)


The Safety Shot is positioned to create its own product category—rapid alcohol detoxification—in the growing $1.56 billion hangover remedies market. The patented formula targets the central nervous system through four distinct mechanisms of action: sobering up the individual, preventing residual alcohol absorption in the gut, reducing the effects of absorbed alcohol in the blood, and maintaining hydration. The company also emphasizes a fifth component, claiming to improve mental and physical well-being.

A recent study on the nutraceutical functional beverage version of Safety Shot demonstrated a notable reduction in blood alcohol content within 30 minutes. This was compared to a control group.

The average decrease in BAC with the Safety Shot was 0.079% BAC/hour, while the control group exhibited a 0.01% BAC/hour reduction. The company has initiated a larger double-blinded placebo-controlled trial, with results expected in December 2023.

Looking ahead, Safety Shot Inc. is developing a more concentrated, prescription version of the Safety Shot formula as a detox product for alcohol poisoning. The wellness and functional beverage company plans to spin off legacy assets from its Jupiter Wellness business. This will unlock value for shareholders.