Ronald Haskell receives death penalty in murder trial

Ronald Haskell has been sentenced to death by lethal injection for the Stay family murders.

The jury returned the unanimous decision to the judge after less than two weeks of testimony in the sentencing phase of the trial.

Ron Haskell kept his head up during the verdict, looking intently at the judge, but showed no emotion.

During most of the trial, he had sat with his head down.

Haskell was found guilty of capital murder last month. The punishment phase of the trial began on Sept. 30.

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The two questions jurors had to answer before reaching a verdict were: Is he a future danger? Also, when considering Haskell's offense, character and background, such as the defense's claim that he's mentally ill, should he spend life in prison without parole rather than death?

Haskell barged into the Stay's home in 2014 and shot the entire family after Haskell's wife, Katie's sister, divorced him.

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As a legal tactic, he was only charged with murdering his sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Katie and Stephen, but he actually shot all seven members of the family including 13-year-old Bryan, 9-year-old Emily, Rebecca who was 7, and Zach who was only 4. Bryan and Emily were special needs children.

Stephen and Katie Stay

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Cassidy Stay, the only survivor of the 2014 shooting, gave an victim impact statement following the sentence announcement.

As Stay left the witness stand, Haskell turned to the jurors and whispered, "Thank you."