Robber ties up victim, then asks her for number

An Oklahoma woman was all alone at work when a man barged into the office, demanding money, and then began tying her up.  But things took a bizarre turn, when he stopped in the middle of the crime, and tried to get her number.

Myka Sederis  said she was the only one working in a loan office in Oklahoma city, when the robber walked in and demanded money. He then tied her up and as he was looking for cash, he started making conversation. She says she stayed calm, as the man began hitting on her.

"Well, I might want to call you. I like a woman who can listen," The robber told Sederis. Sederis then said the robber continued, "You stay calm, You go with it. Less chance of someone getting hurt." Thankfully, he fled without anyone getting hurt, and the robber didn't get her phone number.