Richmond clean up underway

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Residents in Richmond are slowly being allowed back in their homes, and now the cleanup begins.But many are overwhelmed with the clean up.

A town hall meeting was held to answer questions, and make sure each resident got important information about free clean-up assistance and other government services that are available. It's still a long road ahead as some streets are still inaccessible, but more inspectors from other cities have come in to assist.

Mayor, Evelyn Moore's top priority is the safety of Richmond residents, she tells us "now they've been allowed back into a lot of the homes to clean and to remove the debris and we will be picking up the debris but before they can move in and live and set up household again it has to be inspected by us and approved safe."

The first Baptist church has been housing displaced residents since this all began. They're extending service for 10 more days, for those who need it.