Registered nurse in self-quarantine urges everyone to practice social distancing

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers have a simple message for you: They’re going to work for you, so you stay home for them. 

Michelle Solomon is a registered nurse in the Houston area. She believes she was exposed to the virus and has been in self-quarantine since Thursday. 

“Just almost like cold-like symptoms. I never really get a temperature. I had a low-grade [fever] and I decided to be safe,” she described. 

Solomon is now the situation medical professionals fear most right now — not being able to help others because they themselves could be sick. 

“It's scary for America because emergency room physicians, paramedics, and nurses, even the housekeepers, once we become sick, we have to self-quarantine as well. Who takes care of the community when we're sick?,” said Dr. Vivian with Memorial Village ER.

Vivian says her waiting room has been twice as busy for the last couple of weeks. She expressed feeling nervous personal protective equipment for medical professionals deplete, and they risk exposing themselves and their families. 

“What we're asking is if we have to put our lives at risk for you, please stay home and be empathetic. Have some empathy for us who are on the front lines of this battle,” added Vivian. 

She and Michelle insist the best way to help healthcare workers is by fighting the virus on our own by good hygiene and social distancing.

“If you could just for the next two weeks, set your pride aside and just stay home,” Michelle urged. 

However, Michelle adds helping lift the spirits of nurses like her can go a long way in their patient care. She suggests sending a note or fun meme and offering a smile.

”We really want to provide a hopeful environment for people,” she said smiling. 

Michelle says she'll know her test results in three to five days.