Register to vote - your voting rights were not stripped away

Have you heard residents displaced by Harvey have had their voting rights stripped away?

Well, that is incorrect.
The confusion comes because thousands of Houstonians whose homes flooded in Harvey have been placed on what’s called the Suspense List.

Some have misinterpreted that to mean they are on a suspended list and their voting rights are suspended. That is not the case.

If you are on the voting Suspense List that simply means you need to update your address with the voter registrar’s office.

Also, if for any reason you didn’t get a chance to register to vote before the office closed at 5:00 p.m. or by mailing your application to have it postmarked on February 5, 2018, you can still register by faxing in your voter registration application.

Just fax the application to the Harris County Voter Registrar’s Office by midnight Monday night.

The fax number is (713) 368-2309 and you have to mail in the faxed application tomorrow morning.

The Voter Registrar has to receive the application by Friday.

Residents displaced by Harvey are urged to early vote at any polling location.

If you wait and vote on Election Day you have to vote at the polling place zoned to your flooded home.