Racial slurs spray painted on Galveston church

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Clean-up is underway at a Galveston church after it was vandalized with racial slurs. Instead of building, construction crews have spent all day removing racial slurs and the profane language spray painted on a portion of New Life Fellowship Church that is under construction and the vicious vandalism actually doesn’t stop at the church.

The hateful words, in big bold letters, were scrawled in several spots on what will be the children’s center at New Life Fellowship as well as on construction equipment.

"A lot of very offensive words," says Pastor David Gomez. "The KKK word and a lot of obscenities." The villain who vandalized this place of worship could’ve cost the congregation quite a bit. 

"Because the guys have to power wash and all of this, and obviously that’s delayed them to what they’re doing," explains Pastor Gomez. "Thankfully, the construction company agreed to do it for us, if not, it would have cost us several thousand dollars.”

Just across the street from the church, resident Diana Killen also had “KKK" spray painted on the back of her car, the first new car she’s ever had. 

“I didn’t have a car before this," says Diana. "Plus, we have every nationality there is in our family and for someone to do this, it makes me sick.”  

Some say instead of spending time doing the devil’s work outside of God’s house, perhaps the people who did this should spend a little time inside the building "and get some counseling and some church and values instilled in their lives,” according to Bobby Killen.
Galveston police are now handing out fliers and trying to find the vandals. The people responsible could face felony criminal mischief charges if the damage is determined to be valued at more than $2,500.