Quick-thinking bus driver rescues 6-year-old boy running in traffic

A quick-thinking bus driver’s actions were caught on camera as she rescued a boy with special needs that she spotted running in traffic in Milwaukee.

Cecilia Nation-Gardner was driving her route and had just had pulled up to a bus stop  when she saw a six-year-old boy crossing in front of moving traffic.

She began honking the bus horn to get the attention of other drivers. As cars continued to drive through the intersection, Cecilia ran off of the bus, grabbed the boy by the hand and led him back to her bus.

She then called for help.

“I have little boy here. Can you send police over here? He was about to get his by a car,” she can be heard saying on the video.

Police say the boy, who has a disability, wandered away from school. He was reunited with his family.

Cecilia, a mother of three, says she would not normally have been at that intersection at the exact time.

"I ended up leaving my layover two minutes later than normal," Cecilia said. "That’s why I say I was in the right place at the right time. It was meant for me to be there. God does everything for a reason."

The Milwaukee County Transit System says this is the 10th lost or missing child that one of their drivers has found in recent years.

FOX 26 reported this story from Houston.