Proposed Houston city ordinance would regulate open-air pop-up music events on private property

When you think of an outdoor music event, last year's Astroworld tragedy comes to mind. But a proposed ordinance doesn't address that mass casualty event.

"The ordinance only addresses private property open air music events," said HPD Executive Assistant Chief. "It's very specific and very tailored."

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The city has lots of ordinances to address public events on public property, but none for public events on private property, like pop up music events.

"If you have a pop-up event, it's not that it's bad, we want to make sure that it's planned properly with the appropriate safety measures in place," said District C Councilmember Abbie Kamin.

The ordinance would require event planners to get a permit that would cost around $200.

"We see what the venue is going to look like, what the parameters are we can check for the number of exits," said Houston Fire Chief Sam Pena.


The proposed ordinance would ensure traffic control and security.

"This does not include brick and mortar or decks or bars, this does not include anything that has an occupancy permit," said Susan Christian Director with the Mayor's Office Special Events.

While the proposed ordinance takes into consideration occupancy levels at music events in open spaces, officials say it has nothing to do with last years Astroworld tragedy.

"We are not talking about the Astroworld event here," Pena said. "First of all, it's still under criminal investigation."


"Astroworld was not on city property. It was city public safety that had to step in at the last moment, but that is not city property," Kamin said.

If the proposed ordinance passes, it wouldn't go into effect until spring of 2023.