Progress being made on massive man-made lagoon in Pasco County

Progress is being made on the giant man-made lagoon at the center of a community being built in Pasco County.

Workers began filling the seven-acre lagoon last month. It's the centerpiece of the new Epperson housing development being built in Wesley Chapel.

SkyFOX drone captured video of the progress as water continued to flow into the lagoon. 

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It will take at least two more months to fill it up.

The millions of gallons of water are being added slowly so aquifers aren't drained and they don't affect local water service.

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Developers say they have sold more than 50 of what will be about 1,000 homes to surround the lagoon.

Hundreds of crystal lagoons have been built around the world, but this is the first one in the United States.

“People are going to be able to see beautiful crystal clear blue water and enjoy beach life right here in Pasco County,” said Christopher Souza, the regional director of Crystal Lagoons U.S. Corp.

Residents and even some visitors will be able to swim and snorkel, sail, and kayak in the lagoon. The average depth will be eight feet and it will be about 2,000 feet wide. 

Despite its mammoth size, the pool uses environmentally sustainable technology, developers say. In fact, it will use 30 times less water than an 18-hole golf course, and less than 50% of the water used in a park of the same size.

Homes in the community will start in the mid-200s. 

Metro Development also has plans for three other communities in west central Florida that will feature similar-sized pools. Crystal Lagoon itself is working on planning an developing 14 other lagoons across Florida, Texas, and Nevada.

The lagoon in Wesley Chapel is expected to be dedicated in February or March.