Ponderosa Mobile Home park residents told they must move out today

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The people abruptly evicted from their trailer homes in Northwest Harris County, will have new places to call home.  On Halloween, the tenants of Ponderosa Trailer Home Community were told they’d have 48 hours to vacate the property.

According to the lawsuit, their landlord, Loyal Lybarger, entered into a 5-year agreement in 2016 to lease nearly an acre of land from Waste Management. As part of the deal he had to keep up the property. The company sued Lybarger saying he wasn’t maintaining the land and the judge ordered him evicted from the property. However, tenants say Lybarger continued collecting their rent payments and never disclosed to them, they’d soon be evicted.

When deputies from the Precinct 1 Constable’s Office arrived on Wednesday morning, tenants say that was the first they heard of the trouble. Attorney Chad Elrod got involved and got a temporary injunction, granting the tenants two more weeks. At the same time, Precinct 1’s outreach program teamed up with Helping Hands to the Community to find the almost 20 tenants new places to live. On Monday representatives from Nova Asset Management were on site to help. The housing group has offered 18 units to the people who feared they’d be on the streets. Many will receive a free first month’s rent and rental assistance.