Police investigating two west Houston 'jugging' cases

"Maybe I'm a crazy freak and I probably am," said Robert Donaldson. "I didn't think about that. I was thinking, they've got to be stopped before they harm someone else."

Donaldson is talking about two men who stole his money after he withdrew it from a Chase Bank branch. After the withdrawal, Donaldson says he drove less than three miles to his home. After he stopped his car, he says he was still talking on the phone.

"They pulled up, smashed a window, grabbed my bag and I realized what was happening, so I tried to grab the guy," explained Donaldson.

"They tried to run me over," described Donaldson. "I fell in a grassy area and then I thought, 'I've got call 911!'"

The thieves slammed on their brakes, causing him to rear end them, according to Donaldson.

"We've run three stop lights doing close to 80 down Hammerly and I said, 'They're going to kill somebody or they're going to hurt me or I'm going to hurt somebody,'" said Donaldson. "It's not worth it."

Police believe the thieves who got away are responsible for another jugging that happened near Donaldson's attack on April 29.

"They specially chose a 93-year-old woman and preyed on her," said Hedwig Village Police officer Terry Wu. "I think it's despicable, it's an absolute vile thing to do."

Like Donaldson's case, police say the elderly woman had just left a Chase Bank branch. They followed her to a nearby Kroger store and then a motel where the elderly woman was living.

"Threw the old lady to the ground and took her purse from her before running off to the service road where they fled the area," said Officer Wu.

Police are now trying to determine if the men are responsible for both attacks.