Police: grandmother dropped boy at wrong daycare

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A young boy is back with his family after police said his grandmother accidentally dropped him off at the wrong daycare center Monday morning.

The Atlanta Police Department shared a photo of Cameron, 3, and asked anyone who recognized the boy to call authorities. According to police, the boy was dropped off at Globe's Learning Center on Myrtle Street without any identifying information.

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"My first thing was he's at school, so why is he on the news?  So, we called the school and that's when the school said that he wasn't there," said Anthony Usher, who identified himself as Cameron's stepfather. 

Usher said Cameron attends Creative World, a daycare located just half a mile away, but Usher's daughter does go to Globe's facility.

"It was an honest mistake," explained Usher. "That's all it was."

Anderson Globe has owned and operated his learning center for 20 years and said he knows any time a new student joins his program. 

"Once I saw him, I knew he wasn't a part of our facility, but you know, we took care of him and made sure that we called the local authorities fast and got him taken care of and got him in the right place," said Globe.

The Division of Children and Family Services picked Cameron up from the daycare around 11:00 a.m., according to Globe and reunited the boy with his family.

Cameron did not appear to be shaken at all by the change of scenery.

"One thing I do remember about him are the dimples, [be]cause he was smiling and he was happy," Globe recalled.  "So, he felt right at home and I'm glad that he, like I said, he did feel that way and he was happy while he was with us the short time that he was here."

Cameron's family thanked the thousands of people who took time out of their day to share his picture.

"We greatly appreciate the love.  We greatly, greatly do," said Usher.

APD said they will not file any charges in this case.

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