Police: Car thief left cell phone in car, searched info on chop shops

Police didn't have a hard time learning the identity of a suspected car thief after police said he apparently left his cell phone inside a car he later broke into.

Officers said the man also posted a video of himself driving the stolen car. The suspect apparently even searched on his phone, how to break a car window.

"Gwinnett County out there looking for me. I'm basically on the run," the suspect said in his video.

Duluth Police said that video from one of Andre Harris' social media accounts. Harris is on the run after police said he stole a car from an apartment complex.

"That same day or the next day he then left he entered another vehicle at another apartment where he then left his cell phone there for the officers to retrieve," said Officer Ted Sadowsky, Duluth Police Department.

Officer Sadowsky said once officers found the phone, they could see Harris' accounts which led them to his Instagram page. Police said the video is Harris driving the stolen car.

In that conversation from earlier, investigators say Harris talks about chop houses and Sadowsky said the search engine also spoke volumes

"They located several searches during that timeframe of him breaking into vehicles of how to break vehicles windows, and then he refined the search to say how do you break a side window"

Police contacted On Star and tracked the stolen vehicle to Graymont at once point On Star turned the car off. It doesn't appear Harris thought the police were onto him.

"He believed the car broke down. The suspect then called a friend of that might be a mechanic. Might know something about vehicles. to come fix the car or see what's wrong with it. He didn't know it was OnStar that shut it down by that the time officers arrived before the mechanic and he fled on foot," said Officer Sadowsky.

Harris has four felony warrants for his arrest. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call the Duluth Police Department.