Pecan Grove residents want thief caught

We'd like to introduce you to this guy on the camera footage, but we don't know his name. But the woman who's security cameras caught him hopes you know him anyway. 

"I'd just say he's pretty lucky I didn't catch him at the time because he wouldn't be leaving that way," the victim told us. She doesn't want to show her face until the thief is caught.

This happened just before 2 a.m. on Holly Hall in Pecan Grove. The thief covered his face and went around checking car doors. He found hers opened so he ransacked the truck. You can see him at work from multiple angles, looking through the cab, then through the tool box.

We don't know how many cars he hit. We may never now. Neither does the sheriff's department. He didn't do any damage, so many of his victims may not even know they are victim.

Neighbor Frank Moreno is pretty sure the guy didn't hit any of his vehicles, but it still made his stomach feel uneasy watching the video.

"It is creepy. This is a trustworthy neighborhood. You think you can leave the doors unlocked and evidently not. I guess you have to be more careful. Makes you want to go an install a security system like that in your house," said Moreno.

Which does bring up the obvious question. Why have the security cameras but leave your car doors unlocked?

"There's nothing in there worth more than a window. We just don't keep anything in there," she said.

It's lesson she learned the hard way. This is the third time in two years she's had a visit from a stranger in the night.