Pearland High School student faces felony gun charge

A Pearland High School student, accused of having a gun in his backpack, will be detained until he can have a psychological evaluation. The 15-year-old student was arrested on Friday morning at the school.

On Monday, the student had a detention hearing where former coaches, a pastor and his family all spoke about the student’s good character.

The Pearland Independent School District says the student did not take the gun to school with the intent to hurt anyone. Instead, he was going to take it on a spring break trip.

"I can tell you that child doesn’t pose a danger," says defense attorney Charles Adams. "He didn’t threaten anyone -- there’s no accusation that he did. I know the media wants to make this Nikolas Cruz but they are apples and oranges."

The attorney says he is still waiting to see evidence that his client brought the gun to school.

The Brazoria County District Attorney’s office says the student is being charged with having a prohibited weapon on campus, a felony offense.