Pasadena Animal Shelter still in need of help nearly a week after devastating tornado

The Pasadena Animal Shelter is in dire need of fosters. The shelter was destroyed during the tornadoes last week. Officials aren't sure if the facility will be able to be rebuilt. 

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Melissa Clark, a manager at the shelter, said there were roughly 170 animals at the facility during the time of the tornado. Nearly all of them have now been transported to 20 different shelter partners, rescue groups, and boarding facilities in the region. 

Over the course of the last week, Clark said donations of dozens of dog and cat food have been pouring in. 

Clark estimates it could be several months before the shelter is able to house animals again.

"Our need is definitely fosters," Clark said. "We have received many many applications that we’re trying to get through right now, but just being able to get some of those out." 

"Even for the shelter partners who took animals from us, they could use fosters, the rescue organizations could use fosters, and so that is our biggest need at the moment," she continued.

To apply to become a foster, click here.