Pasadena Animal Shelter damaged by possible tornado: How you can help the animals

The severe weather that rolled through the Houston area on Tuesday afternoon damaged an animal shelter in Pasadena.


An area of strong to severe weather rolled across the Houston-area leaving behind numerous flooded roadways and power outages. 

In the Pasadena area, tornado warnings were issued as a possible tornado left behind large amounts of damage. 

As a result of the damage, numerous animals that were located at the Pasadena Animal Facility now need a place to stay as the cleanup begins at the shelter.


An organization on Facebook, The Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue, said they are sending a volunteer to Pasadena to see how they can help. 

The organization is asking anyone with any room (even in your garage) and are able to open your home to any of the animals displaced, you can sign up online. 

If you want to help, click here