Paroled killer repeatedly violates parole and allegedly kills again

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This is not the first time 43-year-old Leroy Stoots has stood before a judge charged with murder.

In 1992 Stoots was convicted of murder and got 45 years. In early 2012 he was paroled after serving less than half of his sentence.

Just last month we told you how the parole board has released hundreds of convicted killers after they’ve served roughly half of their sentences.

“I don’t think that’s the message that we want to send out to the public,” said crime victims advocate Andy Kahan. “That you can kill somebody and serve less than half of your term and get out.”

Stoots’s case sends an even more disturbing message about those who violate their parole.

“And boy let me tell you he repeatedly showed that time and time again,” Kahan said.

At least 5 warrants were filed against Stoots for violating his parole within just months of his release.

“None of them resulted in him going back to prison,” Kahan said. “He was basically told don’t do it again.”

In all 9 parole revocation warrants were filed against Stoots. Get this.

In 2015 Stoots was convicted of felony drug possession and served 90 days in Jail. Even that didn’t prompt the parole board to send him back to prison.

“You would have that would have been it,” Kahan said. “But no.”

On July 3rd Stoots allegedly shot 31-year-old Kumba Sesay to death and dumped her body in a south side ditch.

Sesay was an on-line personality for Style Radio.

“This was so utterly preventable never should have happened,” Kahan said.

Now convicted killer Stoots finds himself once again charged with murder.

“If you’re not going to send someone whose convicted of murder back to prison who violated their parole umpteenth amount of times and gets a felony conviction you’ve got to wonder what else is out there,” Kahan said.

Wednesday afternoon we sent an e-mail to a parole spokesman asking why parole board members gave Stoots so many chances even after he committed a new felony in 2015.

That spokesman pointed out Stoots was placed in a parole violator facility for 60 days in 2014 but didn’t answer our questions.

He told us he would have additional information on Thursday.

We’ll let you know if we get any answers.