Parole board considers removing GPS tracker from notorious Houston killer

"If I see him, I think I'd kill him myself," said Barbara Schatz.

It was 2011 when Schatz told us what she would do if she ever ran into David Port, her daughter's killer. Debra Sue Schatz was a mail carrier.

Port shot her to death after she delivered the mail to his family's upscale home.

Barbara Schatz didn't live to see that day in 2014 when Port would walk out of prison.

"He was originally sent to a halfway house in Austin because that was one of the stipulations we requested when he was to be released he could not enter Harris County," said crime victims advocate Andy Kahan.

Port was able to leave prison three years ago due to the state's old mandatory release law. He ended up serving only 27 years of a 75 year sentence.

"He never showed any remorse whatsoever so there's no telling what's in his mind," said Debra Sues sister Betty Harmon. Harmon got a letter from the parole board telling her they are thinking about taking Port off of Super intensive supervision.

That would mean he would no longer wear a GPS tracking device.

"The fact that he's been on this for three years is unprecedented," Kahan said.

The Schatz family is worried that Port will return to Houston if the monitoring device is removed.

"We will not know where he's at. Nobody in Houston will know where he's at," said Debra Sues brother-in-law Phillip Harmon.

It scares me. It worries me, I don't want him to be in Harris County, and I think the people need to be aware of how sick and crazy this guy really is," Betty Harmon said.