Parents raise concerns about remodeling of Santa Fe High School

The ribbons around Santa Fe may be fading, but the horror is not. In fact, some parents say the offices set up to help the children deal with what they experienced that horrible day are bringing those experiences back.

"I think it seems insensitive and cruel," says parent Deedra VanNess.

Here's why. In order for students to get to the counseling offices, they need to go down the hallway leading to where their schoolmates died. Not all the way, but far enough. Then there's the color of the new floor tiles.

"You are trying to figure out where to go for help and you're sent down the hallway where the trauma initially happened, and then you turn the corner and what do you see all over the floor? A burnt orange color," said VanNess.

A color she says reminds her daughter of blood. The plan has drawn fire from other parents too and has become a hot topic on social media.

Another parent, who didn't want to be identified, says the board didn't pull this off under cover of darkness, but... "When they presented it during the board meeting and they had it up on the screen we all looked at it and I didn't put two and two together as far as the placement and where the shooting happened."

The school district sent us a copy of their safety newsletter, complete with a map pointing out that immovable barriers have been setup to block off the section of the hallway where the students died, and that the counselors will meet with students in the library if they prefer.

While there is plenty of anger in this town left over from this trauma and undoubtedly will be for a long, long time, Van Ness is trying not to add to it.

"I think they're just trying to figure it out still," she said.