Panda Express class action lawsuit: How you can file a claim

Close-up of a red, black, and white Panda Express Chinese Kitchen restaurant sign, attached to a buff-colored stucco building, with a leafy tree and blue sky in the background, Lafayette, California, October 20, 2022. Photo courtesy Sftm. (Photo by G

A class action lawsuit against Panda Express has reached a settlement that could get you money or free food.

While the settlement does not admit to any wrongdoing, the lawsuit filed in July 2021 claims the restaurant took advantage of customers during COVID-19 by charging hidden delivery fees.

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The filing says Panda Express claimed to lower delivery fees on its mobile and website, however the suit says the company tacked on a 10% service charge.

Customers could get up to 10 bucks or a free meal voucher. You have until January 2024 to file a claim.

Click here for more information on how to file your claim.