Over 100 organizations come together for flood victims in Rosenberg

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Don't be shy to offer to help flood victims, and if you are a flood victim, don't be shy to ask for help. There are 115 different groups making it easy, by collaborating their work in one location, BF Terry High School in Rosenberg.

Jimn Kyles, Lead Pastor for The Church, says they've been in operation just over a week, and they've already helped well over 2,200 flood victims, processed 350,000 pounds of donated goods, and put 1,600 volunteers to work.

"We're helping to coordinate donations coming in and donations going out, and volunteers coming in and volunteers going out," Kyles tells Fox26. "We call this command central. It's a hub of information. One place that people can get needs met that need to be met."

Kyles says there's a volunteer job for anyone, no matter your age or how much time you have, but they are in particular need of people willing to be on a clean-up crew.  Those people need to be 16 years old or older, and they need to be able to commit to roughly a 6 hour shift

"A crew leaves at 8:30am, and another crew can be deployed at 12:15pm," Kyles says.

Kyles also says cleaning supplies for those crews are also in high demand.

If you aren't able to help right now, Kyle's says the operations at BF Terry High School will be going on at least 3 more weeks, 7am to 7pm, 7 days/week. Follow the effort by going to The Church TX on Facebook.