Oregon Zoo celebrates rescued sea otter's -- estimated -- first birthday

A rescued sea otter turned one at the Oregon Zoo, and celebrated with frozen shrimp cakes.

Lincoln is known as the “Prince of Sea Pups” at the zoo in Portland. Although zoo officials don’t know Lincoln’s exact birthday, they said he was discovered stranded in Morror Bay Harbor, off California’s central coast, in October of last year.

Rescuers with the Monterey Bay Aquarium estimated he was less than two weeks old at the time. The Oregon Zoo said it took in Lincoln after he was unable to pair with a surrogate mom, and was deemed non-releasable by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

"Lincoln was found as an orphaned pup, so his birthday is a bit of an educated guess," marine life keeper Amy Hash said to KPTV. "But that makes it all the more special, because he almost didn't make it."

For his birthday, the Oregon Zoo gave Lincon a frozen shrimp cake decorated with red and blue food coloring. It was accompanied with two smaller-heart shaped ice cakes.