One step closer to justice

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A store owner was brutally shot to death in a botched robbery on Saturday, and now police have identified the suspect.

The store owner was a 51-year-old man who was about to be a grandfather.

Though the suspect has not been caught yet, charges have been filed against him for the shooting that happened last Saturday night.

Please have identified him as Nadonte Pugh who is 19 years old. He is being charged with capital murder.
He's accused of shooting and killing the store owner, Zia Siddiqui, who was found dead at the scene.

Police say the suspect went into the convenient store where he pulled a gun at an employee and demanded money. The employee then ran back to an office where Siddiqui was but the suspect was able to force his way in and that's when he shot Siddiqui.

Police say evidence shows Siddiqui did shoot back at the suspect.

Family members said more than 500 people showed up for Siddiqui's funeral and that his oldest daughter, who is about to give birth, has been very depressed.

“It's been brutal on everyone. I mean, we're slowly trying to calm everyone down and give them strength but it's been horrible. I was in the hospital earlier today with my wife. She's not feeling well but a lot of people know what's going on and we're trying our very best to take care of her. It's been very tough,” said Syed Hassan, the son-in-law of the victim.

Police believe that the suspect Nadonte Pugh is currently hiding with family members.

Pugh does have a prior criminal history. If you have any information about his whereabouts please call HPD's Homicide Division.