Once convicted of murder, David Temple released on bond

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David Temple, who was found guilty in the murder of his wife in 2007, will be transferred from state prison to Harris County jail, according to his attorney Stanley Schneider. He may be released on bond as early as Wednesday afternoon.

In an opinion issued on Nov. 23, a court ruled that Temple, a former football coach from Katy, did not get a fair trial the first time around and that the prosecutors were to blame.

“That's what this opinion says," explained Temple’s attorney Stanley Schneider. "That's what the court of criminal appeals says. Four judges say there was prosecutorial misconduct in the case.” 

In 1999, a shotgun blast to the back of the head ended the life of David's wife, high school teacher Belinda, who was eight months pregnant at the time. Prosecutors blamed David and said Belinda had discovered his affair with a coworker and he killed her to be with his mistress. Defense attorneys said the killer was a high school student in the neighborhood who had skipped school and was burglarizing houses.

The Nov. 23 ruling indicated that Siegler deliberately withheld some evidence that could have proved Temple innocent because she didn't believe it was true, and she delayed releasing other evidence until the trial was well underway, which meant Temple didn't get a fair trial.