Off-duty officer rescues driver from burning car in San Antonio

Andrew Jazbani captured video of an off-duty police officer rescuing a female driver that was trapped inside an upside-down car engulfed in flames at an intersection in San Antonio, Texas, on May 1.

The officer struggles to break open the car’s windshield after the vehicle flipped and caught on fire. The officer was able to break the windshield and pull the driver out before the flames consumed the car.

The policeman was later identified as a Sergeant Kenneth Hamilton, according to reports. The driver reportedly lost control of the car after striking a metal guard rail on Wednesday. She was taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries.

Andrew Jazbani is a student at St. Mary’s University, which is close to where the incident to place, and was able to help in the rescue before capturing the video. Jazbani told Storyful he and another student tried to free the woman from the car before the officer stepped in.

“I bashed the windshield with a piece of concrete before the police officer asked us to step back while he kicked it in and pulled the woman out,” he said.

Andrew Jazbani via Storyful