Nosh Simple in Houston: New prepared meal company aiming to deliver healthy food at low price

A new meal delivery business is launching in Houston that's aimed at increasing access to healthy meals at a low price.  The company says they're using Artificial Intelligence to make it happen.

The popularity of meal delivery exploded since the pandemic.  Nosh Simple hopes to make it easier to eat healthy meals at a price that can help families save money on food delivery.

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For Nosh Simple, the idea is simple.

"Our mission as a company is to deliver meals that are affordable for anyone, that they can order every day," said founder Aaron Du.

Nosh Simple home delivers prepared meals for $7 each.

"A $7 per meal all the time, we’re really a meal service delivery for the little guys," said Du.

The company delivers to homes and apartment complex lobbies within a 20-mile radius of downtown Houston. They also hope to be a solution in food deserts that lack access to fresh, nutritious food.

"It really is a societal problem that we want to be at the forefront to fix," said Du.  

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Du says they're cutting costs by making meals in large batches, consolidating deliveries in set time windows, and using artificial intelligence to cultivate meal preferences using available ingredients.  

"We intend to use a lot of the AI technology to pick up what people are viewing and looking at, through the math of cross-utilizing ingredients," said Du.

Later they plan to launch an online chat feature to let customers personalize orders.  

Du says delivery is free on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, or $6 on other days.

And they offer 17 different cuisines.

"Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican you name it.  We do have a variety of dietary options, such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free," listed Du.

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He says the first six-month membership is free.

"In the future, we might charge a small fee, a very affordable fee, probably a $6.99 monthly fee for you to be part of the membership," he said.

The company is currently offering a buy one, get one deal to invite people to try them out.

So how does Nosh Simple's prices compare to other meal and food delivery prices?

A recent price survey by CNET showed prepared meal delivery services range from $6 to $14 per meal, with restaurant takeout averaging $12.90 and restaurant/app delivery averaging $21.80 a meal.