Houston robbery at Optical Illusionz; $10k worth of merchandise stolen

A brazen daylight robbery occurred at a North Houston eyewear business, leaving owners shocked and concerned. 

Surveillance footage captured the perpetrators, three men, entering the store on June 5, appearing to browse around and inquire about specific luxury eyewear items. 


They returned the following day, one of them with a crowbar, and proceeded to forcefully take luxury eyewear brands such as Gucci and Versace frames.

This marked the fourth theft incident at the establishment this year, with previous incidents occurring overnight. Co-owner Edgar Fuentes tells Fox 26 that this recent robbery was particularly alarming as it unfolded during business hours while employees and customers were present. 

"The safety of my patients or my staff isn’t worth it. This stuff needs to stop," says Fuentes. "It's frustrating that law enforcement isn't here when you need them. They got here 30 minutes after the call. They were gone by then."

During the incident, all employees and customers managed to stay safe by retreating to the back of the store while the thieves carried out their theft.

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In response to the incident, Fuentes stated that while they plan to continue operating, they will be scaling back on high-end options at this particular location to mitigate the risk of future thefts. 

No updates or arrests have been made on the case by the Houston Police Department.