Newest baby Masai giraffe 'Mara' makes her debut at the Houston Zoo

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The Houston Zoo's newest baby Masai giraffe made her debut Thursday morning, and she officially has a name -- Mara!

Zoo staff say the female giraffe Mara was born to second-time mom Asali at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, April 24. The giraffe was born at the McGovern Giraffe Barn at the African Forest. Today Mara and Asali were given access to the main yard at the McGovern Giraffe Habitat and will continue to make appearances in the guest viewing area everyday in good weather.

According to the zoo, Masai giraffe pregnancies last from 14 to 15 months, and a newborn Masai giraffe calf can weigh between 125 and 150 pounds. The newborn calf weighed 148 pounds at birth and now weighs 167 pounds. Mara stands around 6 feet 6 inches tall.

Two weeks prior to Mara's birth, another baby Masai giraffe was born at the Houston Zoo to mother giraffe Tyra on April 12. The giraffe has since been named Zindzhi. Houston Zoo is now home to seven Masai giraffes.