New year to bring more fentanyl deaths to Houston area

According to the DEA, in 2021, four out of every ten Fentanyl pills seized had a fatal dose of the potent synthetic opioid. Now, that number is six out of every 10 pills.

Fentanyl has turned recreational drug use into a deadly game of Russian roulette.

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"It's one of the biggest crises were facing, drug crises in our country ever," said Tracey Mendez DEA Special Agent in Charge field division.

Why? Because one pill can literally kill you.

"What's so scary about Fentanyl is it's so powerful," Mendez said. "It's five times more powerful than heroin alone."

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"I call our family the new not normal family, because it's not supposed to be this way," said Deb Scroggins.

She just went through her first Christmas without her only daughter, Alllison. The 21-year-old did something most of us do.

"They were celebrating St Patrick's Day, and she shouldn't have been doing what she was doing, but she shouldn't have died from it," Scroggins said. "People make mistakes."

What Allison thought was oxycodone was laced with Fentanyl.

"No matter where I go, somebody knows somebody that's been affected just like us. This is everywhere," said Scroggins.

The DEA turned to families who've lost loved ones to Fentanyl to make videos. They are heart-wrenching to watch and impossible to forget.

"By working with them and helping them, we're helping to get the message out," Mendez said. "We're also learning from the families as well."

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The moral of Allison's story, never take a pill that doesn't come from a licensed pharmacist.

"It's hard. It's difficult to talk about, but it's absolutely worth it if it can save a life," Scroggins said. "I don't want anyone to suffer like we have and are."

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