New slate of Anti-HERO radio ads hitting airwaves

Everyday Houstonians are about to get an ear full.


That's because opponents of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance are hitting early and hitting hard.


"It's not just a violation of privacy. It's sickening and puts children at risk," said former school principal Herlinda Garcia in a radio ad.


"The bathroom ordinance is shameful. It will allow men to freely walk into places where women are must vulnerable and violate their privacy," said Pastor Kendall Baker, in a second anti-HERO radio ad.


  Campaign for Houston spokesman Jared Woodfill says the trio of new radio ads are aimed at Black and Hispanic voters and delivered by a local Latina educator and well known African American minister.


"You are going to see every day Houstonians say we don't want men in women's restrooms," said Woodfill.


And with the purchase of another $100,000 in airtime, chances are most Houstonians will get the the message.


"You are going to see tv ads. You are going to see more radio ads. You are going to see everyday Houstonians standing against the bathroom ordinance proposition one," said Woodfill.



"The radio ads they are running are blatantly false," said Brad Pritchett an organizer for Houston Unites - the pro-HERO coalition working equally hard to push the measure through. At a gathering of campaign volunteers folks were urged to fight "fear" with the fact that other cities with the ordinance have not sacrificed safety.


 "You've got people who are law enforcement officials you've got elected officials from those other cities who have gone on the record saying we did not see any kind of problems with this after these laws were in-acted," said Pritchett.


Houston Unites campaign manager Richard Carlbom offered Fox 26 the following statement:


"Opponents of the equal rights ordinance continue their over-the-top negative campaign, this time attacking a popular Houston pastor and his wife who simply believe everyone should be treated fairly and equally under the law - - that we are all God's children. Proposition 1 is not a bathroom ordinance. It is an equal rights ordinance protecting all Houstonians from discrimination, including in employment and housing."