New Katy art museum location under construction

There were worries that a popular Katy art institution was going to be kicked to the curb ten months ago by a property owner trying to sell the building that housed it, but the Katy Contemporary Arts Museum survived the uncertainty and now proves its permanence with plans for its own space.

"We're not going to go anywhere," said Ana Villaronga-Roman in November 2015 in an interview with FOX 26 News. "We are going to stay in Katy somewhere."

Roman, the founder of KCAM, stayed positive, even when her lease had expired and the building was for sale. Flash forward to September 2016 and she reveals plans for the KCAM new "forever" home.

"We are really thinking ahead for the future of the museum and also thinking ahead for this community," says Villaronga-Roman. She found a dedicated KCAM friend in the owner of Multiplicity, an all-in-one Katy craft store, artisan workspace and event venue. Susan Small acquired the property next to her business and offered it to KCAM.

"We work so well together," Small tells FOX 26. "We both love the arts. We both want to inspire people and we're both dedicated to the community. I thought we would come up with a plan for the museum to be here as well."

KCAM brought in an architect to make their building a one-of-a-kind inspiration.

"The project really goes beyond being a container of art work," says Filo Castore of DLR Group. "It is really a center of art."

Castore's design will include areas where art will be displayed and created. Museum visitors will be able to watch metalsmiths, sculptors and painters at work. He assembled a three-dimensional model to help visualize the design with Lego bricks. Just replace those, in you're mind, with Texas-made materials of stone, wood and metal. Then envision KCAM nestled next to the beautiful outdoor space of Multiplicity.

"It's something that everybody in the community can relate to," says Castore. "Almost like it's been there for a long time."

The three-year-old KCAM is the top attraction in historic Katy. It would only be moving a couple blocks away from its current location and it would be connected to Katy's other museums along George Bush Avenue.
The non-profit museum just launched its capital campaign to raise $3 million.

"We're starting out very simple," explains Villaronga-Roman. "You can purchase a name on the wall. The KCAM Wall of Heroes." Just a small donation can make you part of something great.

"Being a part of that, especially at the ground level, to know that you helped create the museum and bring it to life in Katy, I think it's a fabulous thing," says Small.

The new home for KCAM is scheduled to be completed by late 2017. And if the museum is ever able to buy the building it's in right now, Villaronga-Roman has big plans for that too.