New Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg fires 37 prosecutors

In an unprecedented move, new Harris County DA dismissed dozens of employees on Friday morning, December 16th. Ogg said a team of attorneys helped her review personnel files of all assistant district attorneys.

Current DA Devon Anderson said the 37 prosecutors got the bad news by email just nine days before Christmas. Anderson said,"Today, Kim Ogg fired by email 37 experienced prosecutors 9 days before Christmas. With her first act as District Attorney, Ogg is endangering the citizens of Harris County. The dedicated prosecutors let go today had a combined 685 years of service."

"That is irresponsible," Ogg fired back, remarking, "This decision does not make people less safe. We are simply changing management. The business of the DA's will go on.>"

Ogg weighed in about the decision,“The objectives upon which I campaigned and which resulted in my election provided the framework for our review process.  Accomplishing those objectives will require a new organizational structure, new leadership and personnel changes."

She said the decisions were made with “consideration and deliberation” before being finalized.

Asked if any of the prosecutors were let go for potential prosecutorial misconduct, Ogg refused to comment on specific decisions.