New Gallup poll finds a large amount of Americans have smoked pot

Have you ever smoked pot? Now don't lie. Because if you have ... you're not alone!

In a recent Gallup poll, about 44% of Americans admit to smoking pot.

The poll also found out that about 11% of adults 18 years and older currently smoke today.

Only 35% of women admitted to experimenting with marijuana.

Based on the poll results, men are more than twice likely likely to have tried it.

Marijuana is currently legal for recreational use in Colorado, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Washington D.C.

In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law last month that allows people with epilepsy and other chronic diseases to use medicinal marijuana.

Under this bill, doctors are required to prescribe this medication, but doctors can't prescribe anything that doesn't have FDA approval.

Federal law prohibits doctors from writing prescriptions for weed. They can only "recommend" the use of the oils the plant produces.

In Texas, the oil cannot have a high amount of THC.