New details released on drunk driving crash that killed two teens

“You have to do something dramatic and that’s what we are shooting for," says Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg. "We are going up the chain of responsibility, looking not only at the drivers who injured and kill people on Harris County roadways, but also those who make the alcohol available to them illegally.”

This was said after a press conference was held Monday afternoon. District Attorney Ogg is referring to the case where Salma Gomez, 16, and Chloe Robison, 16, were killed in a horrific crash. Police say their friend Jagger Smith, 17, was drunk and speeding when it happened. Now they know the who the clerk was and where the four MD 20/20 drinks were purchased.

Sean Teare, the director of Harris County District Attorney's Vehicular Crimes Division says, “ We interviewed, TABC interviewed a number of friends of the defendant and of the two deceased young ladies and at the end of that we were able to identify the specific clerk who not only sold to the defendant in this case that night, but who every single one of these kids that we talk to, they knew that he was the guy that they could go to."

Sunday night, police arrested Gumaro Munoz Campos, 29, who goes by "Romeo". He was charged with selling alcohol to a minor. TABC officials say the same store off 1960, the Humble Handy Stop, has been investigated before. Lt. Oliver Johnson with the TABC says,“ Humble Handy Stop has one prior violation for selling alcohol to a minor in July 2012. The business served in eight days suspension for that violation. TABC after that conducted five minor stings at Humble Handy stop finding no violations.”

Campos bonded out at $1,000 and will appear in court at 9 a.m. on Tuesday. Additional charges might soon come out on the convenience store as well.