Neighborhood looted after Hurricane Harvey

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An entire neighborhood, abandoned after Hurricane Harvey swept in and destroyed it, is now dealing with people who are preying on it during a period of weakness.

The Riverview Townhomes in Kingwood had floodwaters reach all the way up to the second floor. The homes were damaged so badly that they will not be rebuilt and had to be abandoned. That's when people started coming in to vandalize the neighborhood, strip vehicles and taking everything from copper wire, air conditioning units, even personal belongings.

“I understand that my home is gone, I understand that it looks terrible back here, but we still own the property and to have our stuff taken after we’ve lost so much is just really awful and I’m very disappointed.” says Lauren Eaves. She lost her home of three years. Neighbors have contacted authorities, but were told not much can be done. They have been told to board up their houses, but it’s not stopping looters from getting inside.

People also come to use the neighborhood as a dumping ground, even abandoning animals there. Now, people in the neighborhood are just hoping to share their story so that the looting stops. The residents are now just waiting to hear back if their homes will qualify for a FEMA buyout.