'Nature called': Midwife leaves mid-way through hair appointment to deliver baby

A midwife in the middle of getting her hair colored learned the true meaning of the phrase “nature calls” when a client went into labor just as her stylist finished foiling her hair. Midwife Carrie Hall, a graduate of Frontier Nursing University, shared a photo of herself in scrubs cuddling the newborn, complete with her hair half done.

“1st time for everything!” Hall wrote with the photo, which was posted to the school’s Facebook page. “Thought I’d share! I was at the salon and nature called!”

The post, which has been shared 260 times, received many comments from users concerned about the condition of her hair. In a follow-up interview, Hall shared that she arrived just in time for the expectant mother to push the baby out, and was back in the salon in under 20 minutes.

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