Music keeps these seniors “Young at Heart”

America’s oldest, coolest rockers, known as "Young at Heart", show just how cool they are, by taking their talents to the web during the pandemic.

Their concert series kicks off tomorrow, and we found out what you can expect from it.


Music can be great medicine! Just ask 92-year-old Jack Schnepp, who was considered to be at the end of life and under the care of hospice last fall.

"I walked out in September to my garage and all of a sudden I blanked out and found myself on the ground, so I called for an ambulance and I spent a week at the hospital," explains Jack.

Things got worse, but don’t count Jack out!  He made quite a comeback and rejoined "Young at Heart", which he’s been a member of for 21 years. The rock group includes two dozen seniors between the ages of 75-93 years old. They’ve been touring the world since 1982, performing sold-out concerts and covering all kinds of songs, from The Rolling Stones to Pearl Jam tunes.

In Jack's latest performance, he relives his near-death experience, but music really keeps him going and inspired him to make a comeback.

"I've been involved in singing since high school and it's really a big part of my life. When I joined the chorus, we started going overseas, and that was wonderful, just walking around all the older cities or towns overseas and taking the trip to Japan. It happened shortly after I lost my wife, so it was a good therapy for me as well," explains Jack.

All of the members agree music is what helps keep them going.

"Music is great for the mind and when you start aging, you realize the mind and body are separating and the physical side starts going and the mind responds to music. Bob taught us a whole new world of music," states 93-year old Steve Martin. 

Their Choral Director tells us their shows include all types of renditions.

"In the past, he's done songs by AC/DC. We did Shook Me All Night Long and an Australian audience went quite nuts. Also, Japanese rock tunes, which were quite amazing," explains Bob Cilman.


You name it, they've performed it! The experience truly keeps them young at heart. They even get to act out funny roles.

"I was out doing too much carousing and boozing and she had enough! She's my squeeze and started throwing out my clothes and teddy bear," laughs Bob. He’s talking about his video of course, not real life, though "his honey", Shirley, laughs that it gave her great pleasure to toss him out.

The group is ready to hit the road again.

"These people have traveled to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore. I mean it's like that is a real schlep to take them over there, but they seem to do it and they bounce back after the flight," explains Bob.

While 90% of them are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, they’ll remain virtual for a while, but look forward to live, in-person venues hopefully one day soon.

You can register for their free virtual concert that's taking place on Saturday, April 17th at 6:30 pm, by going to

They count on donations to keep them going.