Multiple cars broken into in Pearland gated community

Walking out in front of Mark Pantoja's house you can see a handful of security cameras. Since Harvey he says he's caught quite a bit on camera.

"Just Friday someone walked around the neighborhood trying to see if car doors were open, to see if they could make a quick steal and get out of the neighborhood", says Pantoja.

In surveillance footage you can see a man walk up and pull on his car door, this isn't the first time it's happened too. "Last time it was just one and it looked like he was on foot but these guys they were actually in a car", says Pantoja.

On another occasion two men drove down his street, parked and hit several cars including his neighbors home across the street.

"This is the electronic age, everybody has cameras now, so why would you want to go and steal someone's stuff or go on someone's property because everyone has cameras", says Pantoja.

Since Harvey, the gate at the entrance of his neighborhood has been broken. He says he believes this is the reason multiple cars on his street have had things stolen from them.

"We moved to a gated community so we wouldn't have to worry about this and now it looks like crime happens everywhere", says Pantoja.