Mothers finally adopt two brothers in foster care after battling CPS

As foster parents Angela Sugarek and Carol Jeffery say they knew they wanted to give a then 2-year-old boy and his 4-year-old brother a forever home.

“We were in love and we wanted to adopt,” Sugarek said.

The mothers say they had to take the little boys to a required monthly visit with their teenage older brother.

“From the very first visit we were concerned because their behavior would regress and they would have significant behavior issues before, during, and after the visits,” said Sugarek.

The pair say when they voiced their concerns to Child Protective Services, they were quickly dismissed.

The mothers say the more they talked to CPS about the older boy molesting his two younger brothers, the madder CPS got at them.

“CPS fought them every single day at every single angle,” said attorney Julie Ketterman.

The mothers say CPS even retaliated by taking the boys away from them for seven weeks.

After they were returned it would take a year before the mothers could adopt the two little brothers.

“And through that year we continued to have regular issues with CPS,” Sugarek said

“Court ordering them forcing them to take these boys after they were placed back with them to visits with the older brother,” Ketterman said. “I was dumbfounded he was the alleged perpetrator.”

A judge recently allowed the mothers to adopt the little boys.

When it happened, CPS was noticeably absent.

“They don’t have their priorities straight,” Jeffery said. “There are kids in need and these were not two kids who needed these shenanigans.”

Child Protective Services sent us this response: