More flooding expected In Fort Bend County

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Over 558 rescues and 1,400 evacuations have taken place in, but with heavy rains on the way, many more.

So far, 360 flooded houses have been reported, and over 70 roads are closed. They will not reopen until they are deemed safe. Which makes it hard to navigate the area, and dangerous for those who decided to stay with their homes.

54 people are currently living in two shelters, the Red Cross is opening a third shelter Thursday in preparation for those who may need it.

In the midst of all the flood devastation many pet owners have lost or are unable to get to their pets. The Houston SPCA set out today to take care of those animals and even reunited some with their owners. They recommend that you have your pets microchipped and that they wear their identification tags at all times.

Fort Bend authorities also urge anyone who feels that they may be in danger with the rising waters to reach out to them for assistance.