More animals in need of homes after last week's winter storms

Last week’s freezing temperatures left more than people in peril. Animals have also been left without homes.

Because of the bitter cold, the Houston Humane Society is now full after taking in an extra 50 animals last week.

But this is the month of love. Perhaps you’re a match for a furry friend who, even after Valentine’s Day is still hoping to find love.

"Come on, man. Ready? You ready?" says Dwight Boykins to his dog who has beautiful big eyes.

Through those adorable eyes Mason asked won’t you "Be Mine" and Boykins and his Valentine, his wife Genora, said yes.

"Mason is a new rescue dog Genora and I adopted a couple of weeks ago and he has made such a major impact on our lives. He’s a new family member," Boykins explains.

At nine years old and 60 pounds, Mason is older, bigger, and has a pre-existing condition.

"He has a tumor in his stomach. We’re about to get that taken care of," says Boykins.



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"Sadly the larger animals tend to get overlooked, same as the older animals," says Houston Humane Society Marketing Manager Angelina Saucedo.

So the Houston Humane Society is running the "Be Mine" special, half-off adoption fees during the month of love to help find homes for the difficult to adopt animals, which could include some of the 50 doggies and kitties recently rescued from the bitter cold and the long stays.

"The long stays are animals who have been here for three months or longer. Mr. Bobby has been here 100 days and counting. So he is able to go home as part of our be mine adoption special. Almighty is a precious Labrador who’s also been waiting over 100 days now for a home," adds Saucedo.  

Boykins is also helping by challenging all Houstonians including our firefighters. "We have 101 fire stations. If we could get all fire stations to consider bringing in a rescue we could make a difference in saving lives."


Boykins’ neighbor has accepted the challenge.

"Bellamy is a Shepherd Mix. She’s three months old. She’s going to get pretty big ... she’s very playful," smiles Robbin Jewel who just adopted Bellamy.

"Give me a handshake Mason. Right here. Give me a handshake. Look at there," Boykins grins as Mason puts his paw in his hand.

"Certainly senior dogs can learn new tricks and they can love and they’re probably the most affectionate and appreciative when they’re adopted," smiles Saucedo.


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By the way, when the Boykins' found their new furry family member at the Humane Society they asked what will we name him, and the lady helping them said how about Mason and that is Dwight Boykins' deceased dad’s name.

"We feel it was God. It was just meant to be," says Boykins.

Maybe fate is also waiting to fix you up with a new four-legged love. You can see all the animals Houston Humane Society has and find contact information for HHS at