Montgomery man kills wild hog with crossbow after it terrorizes family overnight

A Montgomery man killed a wild hog with a crossbow after a night of terror.

The man says he was awakened by his two dogs barking out back and when he went to investigate, he thought it was a coyote. Once the lights came on, he discovered it was a full-size wild hog.

His dogs had been restricted by an invisible fence, but once it was deactivated, they confronted the hog and a fight ensued. The man then ran toward them in an attempt to break up the fight, but the hog charged him.

He says he ran back to his porch and got behind a wooden encased fish pond. The hog then charged the back door slamming into it several times. Eventually, the animal ran toward the resident, slamming into the fish pond and breaking the wooden enclosure.

The man then tried to use his child's playground equipment next to get behind as the hog came at him again. It then ran off.

As his wife came out to see what was going on, it charged her.

Moments after they got into the house, his wife spotted it about 10 feet from the front door.

With large glass doors, the resident was afraid it was going to charge again, so he ran to the garage and retrieved his crossbow as he did not want to fire a weapon with other homes in close proximity.

He says the hog began charging at him again, so he fired his crossbow, killing the hog.

The resident called police, who then told him there was nothing they could do.

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