Missing Houston 20-year-old located 'unconscious' at local hospital

The desperate search for Genesis Rachel Barrondo ended over the weekend.  According to family members, the Houston 20-year-old is now in a coma, but stable, in a local hospital.

"[We’re] just hoping that she’ll get better soon," said Barrondo’s step-brother Jason Hernandez. "We just want to know the truth."

The Houston 20-year-old was reported missing last Saturday.  Nearly a week later, Barrondo’s family says they received a call from police.

"We received a call from one of the investigators, saying there was someone in the hospital not identified in intensive care," said Hernandez.  "That person had the same characteristics as Genesis."

Barrondo’s mother, Olga, went to the hospital and identified the hospital patient as her daughter. 

"I have no idea what happened, but Genesis has a lot of injuries," said Olga.

According to Olga, she had been texting with her daughter before she went missing.  The 20-year-old had been out with coworkers that Saturday night, but never came home.

"There’s something missing," said Hernandez.  "Not all of the pieces fit together."

Hernandez says his step-sister was discovered injured along the 610 Freeway and Cullen Boulevard. While family member looked for her last week, she had been in the hospital all along.

"She was picked up last Saturday at 2:15 a.m. on the freeway at 610 and Cullen," said Hernandez.  "She has injuries like broken bones and some bruises."

Doctors told the family that Barrondo had been hit by a car.  No arrests have been made, but loved ones are anxious for answers.

"It doesn’t make any sense, we just want the clear truth," said Hernandez.